• Catalogue #: AS-001

  • Style: Repeating Pattern

  • Sized, priced and produced on a project-specific basis. Custom colours, sizes and scales are available.

01. Black
02. Blue
03. Bone


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Mashing together themes of punk rock, granny and brothel, this pattern makes a beautifully eerie statement about voyeurism and vanity. From a distance, the decorative filigree draws the viewer into the gaze of x-ray human skulls. These "mirror mirrors" reflect the impending decay that will one day wither our beauty and strip away our youth. Worth serves as an ominous call that challenges us to live, work and party hard.

Photo: Brad Ralph
Photo: Brad Ralph
Avenue Magazine
Macaron packaging for Nadège Patisserie
Custom Worth for Tuck Studio. Photo: Sean McGrath

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