Holt Renfrew

Holt Renfrew and Rollout Launch New Spring Displays Nationwide

This spring you can’t live without Rollout. Holt Renfrew has just unveiled a series of seven Rollout designs that serve as the main prop within their store visuals and window displays to support their fashion themes. This spring edition of the Holt Renfrew store branding incorporates Rollout custom wallpaper, typography, fashion elements, 3D components, and little bits of whimsy, which can now be experienced in nine stores across Canada.

Holt Renfrew is revered as Canada’s largest luxury fashion retailer. They have consistently met the evolving needs of their clients throughout 174 years of service, and remain at the cutting edge of fashion. Industry professionals, trend seekers, and the fashion forward all look to Holt Renfrew as a guiding source to new perspectives on style. Anjo Soria Loots, National Visual Coordinator at Holt Renfrew, speaks about the collaboration with Rollout: "The idea of wallpaper came up while we were working on a display idea for Holt Renfrew, and Rollout quickly came to mind. We knew that they could do amazing custom designs for us since they had previously approached us with their work, and soon, the project was born."

Guiding themes that are included in the current visuals reflect the elegance of the brand with Classics, Colours, Neutrals, Prints, Tailoring, Stripes, and Whites. Each set of displays varies slightly from city to city, in order to present a unique perspective to every segment of the urban populace. The visuals for both Colour and Prints were pre-existing Rollout designs, with the latter consisting of a repeat pattern of a photograph by Berlin-based Petra Reimann—a design that Rollout debuted this year at IDS11. The remaining five patterns were conceived as a collaborative process between Rollout and the Holt Renfrew creative team. The final wallpaper designs act as the unifying visual to every individual display.

Whether it is the finely tailored suits, intricately patterned feature walls, or the milk moustaches that catch your eye, we invite you to experience the displays in person. Every city display offers witness to the early blooms of a newly sprung creative pairing. Here’s to spring!