Quartz Crystal Spa

Modern, organic, and ethereal

This full-service spa for men and women sees the combination of multiple rooms that incorporate marble panels, a quartz reception desk, beveled mirrors, a crystal chandelier, and Rollout custom graphics that are simultaneously modern, organic, and ethereal. Rather than relying on existing stock images, research and direct client interaction lay at the foundation of the mural components. These elements are unique to the space, and exist as a continuous visual conversation, meant to unify the entire creative concept of this spa in the Trump Hotel Toronto.

This conscious attention to detail, understanding of the functional interaction between the client base and their surroundings, along with a neutral palette sees this collaboration between Rollout and II BY IV DESIGN recognized through an A.R.E. Design Award for wall treatments. The project also serves as an illustration of the depth of creative and multimedia technical ability employed by the Rollout team that sets us apart.

Photos: David Whittaker