Photos: Kris Grunert


A featured wallpaper future.

StereoVision is a concept space which was featured at the entry of the 2019 BUILDEX Show in Vancouver. This installation is an on-going collaboration between screenfluence, a digital signage content management software company, front end developer Sam Mason, and artist David Palmer.

StereoVision blends wallpaper's aesthetic and craft with responsive dynamic motion and digital screens. Through the use of Javascript programming, Palmers’ static pattern design Biosphere becomes a paperless, agile, and dynamic projection that responds to music playlists, and human input via electronic keyboard, creating an experience and being experiential all at the same time.

The application of this concept will be further explored in healthcare, entertainment, education, and hospitality settings. These projects will see a broad selection of Rollout’s wallpaper collection respond and adjust to real-time data feeds from wearables and smart monitors, creating bespoke environments that have the potential to help individuals heal, relax, learn, and explore personal creativity at deeper level.

Watch StereoVision in action, here.