The Broadview Hotel
Photo: Worker Bee Supply

Broadview Hotel

The Broadview Hotel on Queen Street East is one of Toronto’s oldest hotels. Built in 1891, the hotel has been through many incarnations and renovations as Dingman’s Hall, New Broadview Hotel, Lincoln Hotel, and finally as the seedy strip club, Jilly’s. In 2017, the hotel was purchased, redeveloped and redesigned, transforming the fifty-eight room boutique hotel into a trendy destination for both locals and visitors to the city.

With the interior redesign, hints at the hotel’s past life and decorative history pop up throughout the space. These touches are part of agency of record, DesignAgency’s strategy to retain an authentic look and feel, restoring the hotel to its original purpose while exploiting its full potential as a new boutique experience. Peeling back layers of wallpaper to reveal the original pattern on the walls of what is now the lobby bar and café, the design team worked with Rollout to research and locate reference for the 19th century European tile pattern in blue. Rollout was then able to match and recreate the pattern as wallpaper, giving it a new twist of green colour.