FLORAL MAKEOVER Mural - Finished version of Robert Sangster's revitalized mural

Floral Makeover

When Rollout moved into its new Headquarters, we inherited a pixellated, black and white peel-n-stick floral mural on the ground floor.

Our first impulse was to remove it and start fresh, but surface designer Robert Sangster suggested that the existing mural could be used as the basis for a spirited revitalization.

One of Robert's signature techniques is a drip effect, in which colours and washes are streaked by the effects of gravity on various liquified mediums. This was used to create both the translucent chalk undercoat and the finishing overlays of vibrant acrylic neons and gold accents. The result was a brand new interior space bursting with colourful hand-made florals and a dynamic, textured surface.