R-House - Exterior cliffs view


Interior Design 2023 MAD Awards - Winner

A Creative Sandbox

Amid the economic uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, Rollout had some down-time to play with. So, along with our friends at Form + Sense, we set about to build a digital showroom that could help us to visualize our catalogue of wallpapers quickly and easily.

R-House was created by Quinn Neilson and Sean Nesbitt using Unreal Engine, a 3D rendering environment typically used for game development. The cyber-campus was conceived as a collection of pavilions, each with its own interior function, that can be used as a model to showcase appropriate wallpaper patterns.

Users approach R-House via a rugged exterior landscape, and are welcomed into an iconic reception area. As they descend the stairs, the back doors swing open to reveal a courtyard and a grand vista beyond.

Winner of a 2023 Interior Design Metaverse Architecture + Design (MAD) Award, R-House is a playground for our collective imagination. It gives us the virtual space to push the bounds of wallpaper design, and it provides our stakeholders with stories to tell and possibilities to explore.