The Long Bar at Bentall One

The Project
Rollout was commissioned to create a striking custom design for the flagship Joey Restaurant in Bentall Centre. Joey Bentall One will be the test kitchen for the entire chain so we were faced with cooking up something fresh that would really illuminate the new concept. Joey had originally been looking to use mosaic tiles for the entire 10' x 30' wall behind the Long Bar but in consultation with them we assured them we could incorporate the detail and ornamental intricacy of tile into a custom paper at a fraction of the cost. And quickly.

The Client
Joey's third Vancouver location is now open in the heart of the business district. With two separate spaces under one roof - the Wine Room and the Long Bar - Joey Bentall One is both the latest evolution for Joey and something different for the Downtown Vancouver business district.

The Wallpaper
Taking initial inspiration from vintage French tiles we created a paper that combined the bold impact of a fully tiled wall with the flowing almost script-like elegance of the classic Fleur de Lys design. With the money saved Joey was able to add an absolutely stunning and extremely limited Marcel Wanders Calvin lamp from LightForm. We'll let Joey's Director of Design, Anna Szczepaniak, tell you what they thought of the result - "Working with Rollout was a total pleasure on this project as they embraced my direction and made the design process a collaborative experience. The end product has now become a signature design piece within the restaurant. The owner was skeptical of the custom wallcovering at first but after seeing it installed he completely praised it."

Photos: Marcos Armstrong