Summit Lodge

Diamonds in the Snow

Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel is a premium hotel actively engaged with the creative community in Whistler, regularly hosting exhibits for local artists and incorporating creative elements throughout the hotel’s designed interior. They have received many awards over the years, including the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Award for “Most Unique Guest Experience.”

In support of strengthening the hotel’s image as a boutique space that encourages knowledge sharing and creativity, Vancouver-based interior design group, Beyond Beige looked to Rollout to provide ground-breaking wallpaper patterns for the project.

Select rooms at the hotel incorporate both the Mojave in black and the Diamonds wallpaper pattern in two different colourways, matching seamlessly with the hotel’s specialty brand identity. Diamonds and Mojave are two of the many patterns designed for Rollout by featured artist, Ryan Tomkinson.

Shattered Light, a wallpaper designed for Rollout by Brent Comber, is also installed in the reception area of the hotel, creating a warm, inviting and memorable first impression.