Woods Hole Inn

A new take on the guestbook

Located mere steps away from the Martha’s Vineyard ferry station in Massachusetts, Woods Hole Inn is the embodiment of Cape Cod charm. The brightly lit interiors have been fully restored, with special attention paid to maintaining original details that were included when the inn was built in the 1870s. It was during these renovations that the owners happened upon various items that speak to the history of the inn, including two boxes of room check-in cards from the year 1946. Water damaged and torn, these cards contain meticulously documented names, dates and room pricing for each guest.

As a creative approach to the traditional guestbook, the owners of the inn contacted Rollout to create an impactful custom design, using the room cards as the central focus. Scans of the cards are assembled in a repeat pattern, with the weathered patina of time being purposefully maintained. Recently debuted during the opening of five new rooms on the second floor of the inn, the design is a living testament to lifetimes of sandy beaches and fish tacos, family bonding, and the simple art of relaxation.