The Karl Lagerfeld

The Karl Lagerfeld hotel is a sprawling tower complex, named for the late fashion designer who designed it. The hotel is the centrepiece of the Grand Lisboa Palace Resort in Macau. Located in the Pearl River Delta by the South China Sea, Macau is referred to as the "Las Vegas of the East," and the city is one of the world's top gaming and resort destinations.

Lagerfeld spent five years designing and approving each element of the $5 billion property. The interior is a lavish blend of Chinese art with Western and Art Deco aesthetics. Several hundred of its guest suites were embellished with Rollout's custom-made pattern, Cherry Blossoms.

The murals – a total of nearly 100,000-square-feet of wallpaper – were conceptualized by Lagerfeld and implemented by Rollout in collaboration with interior designer Edward Tsang, formerly of CHIL Design. Together, we visualized the idea and executed colour matchings, mock-ups, and initial prototypes. Once approved, the murals were custom printed, packaged and shipped across the globe, complete and on-time.

It was a true partnership between a fashion pioneer and a wallpaper innovator, and we think the results are pretty cool.