Céline Interiors

An inspiration wall showcasing true collaboration

The Project
Rollout was first approached by husband and wife creative team Céline Pitre and Alan Endall, who wished to transform their shared Yaletown office space with a defining element that would both embody their combined expertise, as well as inspire their staff and clients alike. The challenge was to collectively inject this personalized design with varying individual components in order to create a cohesive whole that was professional, but simultaneously dynamic and unique.

The Client
Through their work with Céline Interiors and Endall Elliot Associates, this team has produced a stunning portfolio of responsible design and architecture that spans over 25 years and three continents. We found ourselves illuminated by Céline and Alan and their ability to speak with candid passion about their vision. Their creative dynamic resonated with us on a personal level, and while they approached the project with a trust in Rollout as leaders in the field, they also encouraged us to push the boundaries with this ambitious installation piece.

The Wallpaper
While acknowledging the importance of a consistent corporate identity, this bespoke wallpaper came to fruition in order to unify specific key components while invigorating the senses of those who interacted with the space. The end result is a thoughtfully balanced marriage of natural elements, exquisite architectural drawings, and inspirational quotes that all speak to the creative ideology of the team.

Photos: Marcos Armstrong