A Health and Wellness Collective

The Project
The evolution of the design for Fruitridge Health and Wellness Collective came about from the collective’s desire to create a space that treated their “product” as the star of the show. They wanted to an environment that would begin to change the way people think about dispensaries and the usual stigmas associated with them. Designers Curtis Popp and Dustin Littrell of Popp Littrell Architecture + Interiors started by thinking about the cannabis the way one might think about coffee, chocolate or wine. Marijuana is beginning to have the sort of following and connoisseurship that these other luxury items have, so Popp and Littrell set out to create a space that celebrated the plant itself.

The Look
The designers created a nearly all white backdrop so the green of the clones and processed buds would stand proud in its surroundings. Another unique quality with this and many of the other projects designed by the pair is the use of site-specific designed furniture. They’ve designed each piece of furniture specifically for this space, and believe by doing this it has created a truly unique experience that responds directly to the clients needs and completes the look. The collective’s existing identity incorporated medical symbolism and the two colors most associated with medicine, red and white. Playing upon these symbols and colors throughout the space, the designers incorporated it into the custom designed furniture, product display shelving, the oversized ginger-headed nurse graphic and through the use of the Mike & Maaike designed Wayfinder wallpaper.

The Wallpaper
The large scaled Wayfinder arrows, designed by Mike & Maaike, serve the obvious function of directing people to the check-in window as well as to the dispensaries “buy room”, but it also adds a level of sophistication and whimsy because of their sheer size and vibrant color. The space has a clinical feel, but the paper with its “Where’s Waldo” sized pot leaf graphic sprinkled sparingly throughout keeps the vibe light.