Dinner by Design

Faceted Fantasy

The Faceted Fantasy installation by Alykhan Velji Designs for the Dinner by Design charity event in Calgary is inspired by the reflective face on geometric shapes, like the emerald. The space plays with angled walls clad in various materials to create a unique and multi-faceted dining experience. Dinner guests are engulfed in a fantasy world of shapes, colours and reflections. Rollout worked closely with the installation’s designer to carefully colour match to the specific vision they had for an intense emerald jewel effect.

This wallpaper pattern is based on Shattered Light, a collection of large scale, wall-mounted light fixtures designed by BC artist and woodworker, Brent Comber. The fixtures are made of sections of interlocking wood that are lit from the back with LED lights, creating the impression of bursting with energy from within. In collaboration with the artist, Rollout digitally enhanced the original design to create the Shattered Light pattern.

The Dinner by Design concept supports local charities and funding for art and design. In Calgary this includes art & design-focused not for profits such as Alberta College of Art + Design and Contemporary Calgary.

Photos: Bookstrucker Photography