R-Wall and Robert Sangster's LONG LIVE PRINT Mural

Long Live Print

Lettering guide for LONG LIVE PRINT mural

Requiem for a Printer

The Long Live Print mural at Rollout’s HQ was painted by Toronto artist and longtime Rollout collaborator, Robert Sangster. Using the remains of 10 ink-jet cartridges, Robert’s room-sized piece is the studio’s ode to much more than a defunct printer, formerly used to print wallpaper samples for curious clients.

The colourful homage reveals the studio’s rallying cry. Because for the Rollout team -- a true rag-tag group of creative individuals -- wallpaper is the physical manifestation of what unites us all in the first place: art, innovation, and empathy.

Walls are typically thought of as barriers, but Rollout believes in Walls That Bring Us Together. We take pride in fostering the creativity of artists from across the globe and nurturing those relationships into multi-year collaborations. The result: a catalogue of several hundred bespoke murals and patterns that simply cannot be rivalled by other large and faceless wallcovering companies.

Rollout maintains intimate relationships with its roster of artists as well as its clients. We are the bridge between these two parties, proud to deliver on its promise of providing brave new walls to those that dare. Rollout’s wallpapers are luxury products with street cred; they are tangible expressions of collaborative brilliance. And for that we proudly call – and invite you to, as well – “Long Live Print!”

With thanks to our longtime friend, Dale Davies, for choosing the typeface and creating the layout.