Robert Sangster

Robert Sangster is an artist and surface designer with over 35 years in Toronto's Architecture and Interior Design world. His influences are grounded firmly in the 20th Century, an era whose pioneers are lovingly remixed to infuse Sangster's work with vibrant new mash-ups of Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, Colour Field, and Mid-Century Modern.

Sangster points to a quote from Chuck Close, who once quipped, "Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just get to work." Deep in his studio, the materials range from wood, stucco, paints, glazes, waxes, and metallic additives. The output embraces both subtle textures and vibrant splashes of colour alike, while the list of projects embodies a lifetime's worth of creative interventions in all kinds of public and private spaces.

For Rollout, Sangster has collected a robust variety of evocative surface treatments, murals, and repeating patterns that are carefully infused with nuance, craftsmanship, and extraordinary attention to detail. His practice invites us to discover the microcosmic vistas that occur in up-close interactions with tactile materials whose elementary beauty is too often overlooked.

Free from the tyranny of the repeat

“When I’m designing a pattern I think about what it means to place this pattern, this image on the wall, the history of that concept and how to make it relevant today. Why it works with Rollout is because this is their vision as well.”