Robert Sangster

Robert Sangster’s work is rich in historical reference. Colour field and action painting techniques used by artists like Motherwell, Frankenthaler, Kline and Still from the American Abstract Expressionist movement of the 1950s to 1970s are adapted for use in Sangster’s recent surface design collections, producing highly expressive and dynamic results.

Sangster is fascinated by what he describes as “perfectly balanced apparent randomness,” exploring incidental smudges and fingerprints to reveal details and nuances in textural depth that produce fully immersive design experiences. His design templates incorporate mixed media, including wood, stucco, paints, glazes and wax.

The designer’s work is also heavily influenced by music and the colourful stage lighting of live music performances. His extensive travel experiences have allowed him to observe and take inspiration from differing cultural interpretations of colour, patterns and technique, lending additional diversity and depth to his projects.

With nearly 30 years of experience as a surface designer and artist, Sangster has completed projects across the US and Canada, exploring many mediums including furniture, millwork and carpet design. His surface designs have been developed and adapted for numerous private and corporate client interior design projects.

Free from the tyranny of the repeat.

“When I’m designing a pattern I think about what it means to place this pattern, this image on the wall, the history of that concept and how to make it relevant today. Why it works with Rollout is because this is their vision as well.”