Sharp: adjective.

Keen, having or showing alert competence and clear understanding. Sharp implies quick perception, clever resourcefulness. Sharp suggests quickness, enthusiasm, and a penetrating mind.

Obsidian is a creative agency based out of the Netherlands, where product design and storytelling merge seamlessly. They approached their collection from a biophilic perspective, bringing elements of nature into constructed spaces in order to simulate the benefits of being outdoors . These benefits range from increased creativity, lower blood pressure, faster recovery and an improvement in general well-being.

The Rollout + Obsidian collection replicates the natural world using algorithms and computer rendering, creating a pattern that never repeats, and allows for unprecedented levels of detail and customization. This unconventional method makes walls as vast and surprising as nature itself.

Merging Nature and 3D Technology

"Our aim is to make people forget about wallpaper. We want to immerse them in something they have never seen before - beauty that doesn’t need to be defined." - Geert Decock, Obsidian