Eugène van Veldhoven

Eugène van Veldhoven works out of his atelier in Den Haag, the Netherlands. His focus is on printed textile and design for fashion, as upholstery and rugs, and for other decorative elements in luxury interiors. He has also created prints for commercial clients in design and haute couture.

Eugène uses several techniques for printing, including relief printing and embossing, laser cutting and engraving, ultrasonic welding and sublimation printing. He is continually experimenting with new materials and techniques in print.

With an educational background in fashion design, Eugène presents annually at expositions such as Maison & Objet Paris and the Design Festival in The Hague. His work can be viewed in several museums in the Netherlands, and in the museum at Rhode Island School of Design in the US.

History and Tradition

"I grew up in an area of glasshouses and flower growers. As an homage to these roots, I design a series of floral patterns every year."